Difficult Birth

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30 minutes of strong contractions with no pups delivered2-3 hours of weak & infrequent explosive efforts failing to produce a pup4 or more hours between pupsobvious problems (pup hanging out, etc)

20 minutes of intense labor without a kitten being delivered10 minutes of intense labor when a kitten is visible in the birth canalacute depressionelevation of body temperaturepresence of fresh blood for more than 10 minutes

If the above occur, the client should be instructed to bring the mother and newborns to the clinic.  Radiographs will be taken.  A c-section may be necessary.  Keep newborns warm and dry during transit.

Risk Factors:
Age (older), short faced and toy breeds, Persian and Himalayan breeds, obesity, abrupt change in environment peri-partum, previous history of dystocia.

Normal Birth

Stage 1:  average 6 – 12 hours up to 36 hours
restless, may show nesting behavior, nervous, panting, anorexic, may tremble or shivertemp may decrease to 99 degrees Fahrenheit about 24 hours before stage 2 in about 85% of dogs (due to abrupt decline in progesterone)Stage 2:  deliver of pups
20 minutes to an hour per puppy, but nor more than 2 hours should elapse between each puppy bornaverages 3 – 6 hours up to 24 hours.Stage 3:  expulsion of placenta.  May see pup-placenta or pup-pup-placenta-placenta
can be 6 hours between deliveriesdog may ingest the placentas

Parturition may last as long as 24-36hours, but kittens are usually expelled after a mild labor of 30-60 minutes and a 5-10minute period of intense labor.  After the birth of a single kitten, the queen may not exhibit signs of labor for 30-120 minutes.  Usually each placenta is passed after each kitten or it may be passed after a subsequent kitten.  The queen commonly ingests the placenta and then cleans the kittens.  The queen can go overnight between deliveries.

GESTATION PERIOD                                                    HEAT
Dog – 63 days                                                               Dog – 9-18 days
Cat – 66 days                                                                Cat – 8-10 days